3 Can’t-Miss-Spots during Galapagos Holidays

The Galapagos archipelago, whose isolation from the mainland Ecuador leads to the development of amazing flora and fauna, will truly be the best choice for those who are fascinated by wildlife. There are numerous options to explore this wonderful archipelago such as you can opt for an expedition cruise, choose a hotel based tour, and go for land based or safari tour. Whatever option you choose, you can surely explore the Galapagos highlights - its rich, diverse, and unique species. The islands of Galapagos are the habitat of numerous land based and marine creatures which have made these islands popular throughout the world for their uniqueness. From the giant tortoises to waved albatrosses, sea lions to frigate birds, and land iguanas to marine iguanas, you can have a close encounter with all these unique species at any island of Galapagos. The underwater world of Galapagos is also as fascinating as the land. Here, you can snorkel alongside green turtles, dive with wonderful colorful fishes, swim alongside marine iguanas, explore the schools of dolphins and whales, dance around the raft of penguins, and so on.

As there are hundreds of things to do and explore on this magnificent archipelago, a lot of people find themselves in confusion while making an itinerary for the Galapagos holidays. If it is your first Galapagos holiday, here are a few can’t-miss-spots which you should consider to make your Galapagos holidays a once in lifetime experience.

Tortuga Bay: Considered as one of the most popular and fascinating Galapagos destinations, Tortuga bay will surely steal the heart of both nature and adventure lovers. Located on Santa Cruz Island, Tortuga Bay is the home to a wide range of islands’ fascinating plants and wildlife. Besides, it is also recognized as the home of the Lava tunnels (tunnels which are created by lava naturally). By visiting this amazing tropical beach destination, you will surely find yourself one step closer to nature.

Los Tuneles: One of the key locations of Galapagos attractions, Los Tuneles has formed thousands of years ago because of a volcanic eruption. Being the habitat of an incredible array of marine species, it offers snorkelers an unsurpassable and magnificent view of nature’s wonder. One can swim around numerous colorful fishes, dive along dolphins, and have a close encounter with some fascinating marine creatures like whales, sea lions, marine iguanas, etc. Including this wonderful destination in your travel itinerary will surely fill anyone’s Galapagos holidays with so much fun and sweet memories.

Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz is one of the most popular attractions of Galapagos archipelago. Though it is not one of the largest islands in Galapagos, it steals the heart of a lot of travelers because of its amazing flora and fauna. Whether you are a nature lover, interested in exploring the underwater world, or a passionate adventurer, you will be surely satisfied by having Santa Cruz Island in your travel itinerary. This beautiful island comprises three wonderful beaches including Tortuga Bay, Las Grietas, and Punta Estrada where one can get a fascinating view of the Galapagos underwater world. If you would like to try your hand at surfing, snorkeling or hiking, you will find plenty of opportunities to experience these fascinating activities on this wonderful island.

A Galapagos Holiday will also be surely incomplete without visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center. This is the place where Darwin proposed the theory of evolution. When it comes to planning a trip to Galapagos, having someone who has good information about the wonders of this fascinating archipelago will surely come as a great option to consider. If you are also looking for one of the best tour operators for planning your Galapagos holidays, you should look no further than http://www.galapagossafaricamp.com/.

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